10 Christmas Gift Ideas for those with scoliosis

Christmas Gift Ideas Scoliosis

As the festive season is upon us and it’s nearly Christmas again (not sure where this year is going!), I thought I would share some of my favourite gift ideas for those with scoliosis.

These are things that either I find helpful (to manage pain or feel more comfortable) or that I’ve seen and found inspiring. Please feel free to add your own ideas into the comments below. 🙂 You may also find my post useful on 5 must have items for people with scoliosis or spinal fusion.

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10 Christmas gift ideas for those with scoliosis

1. Scoliosis Art

Scoliosis Art
Image by Sarah – SarahLouiseArtStudio

The talented Sarah-Louise creates custom scoliosis and spinal fusion drawings, which can be purchased from her Etsy store.

Her amazing artwork would make a very special and personalised gift for anyone with scoliosis.

2. Memory foam cushions/pillows

I love memory foam, I sleep with a memory foam pillow and I also use a memory foam pillow for putting behind my back when I’m at work, working from home, or in the car.

A memory foam pillow or cushion would make a practical Christmas gift for someone with scoliosis.

3. Heat Pads

Anything heat related would make a good gift for someone with scoliosis or back pain. Things like heat pads, hot water bottles, heated blankets etc. I have a hot water bottle that wraps around me and it’s amazing!

4. Massage Gun /Rollers

Any massage related gift would be useful with someone with scoliosis or chronic back pain. I’ve found a few options below.

I haven’t tried these particular options myself but they look good and have decent reviews. I am tempted to give the massage gun a go for my lower back pain (and also exercise/running related aches and pains). I do like using my spiky Pilates balls!

5. Massage Mat

On the theme of massage, I came across these massage mats recently and thought they looked pretty good. I haven’t tried a massage mat myself but it looks like it would feel so good on my back.

I think something like this would be an ideal Christmas gift for somebody with scoliosis or chronic back pain.

6. Scoliosis Awareness Gifts

Christmas Gift Ideas for those with scoliosis - Scoliosis T-shirt

This year I launched my own range of Scoliosis Awareness clothing, and other items such as mugs and bags, over on Spring and Redbubble. These would make a great Christmas gift for anyone with scoliosis, plus I will donate all profits to the Scoliosis Association UK. 🙂

You could also head over to Etsy and search for “Scoliosis Awareness Gifts.” Here you’ll find a whole host of scoliosis related handmade gifts.

These include jewellery, clothing, Christmas ornaments, colouring books, awareness pins, keyrings, mugs and more!

Not only do items like this make a special gift, but they also help to raise awareness of scoliosis too. Check out my new scoliosis Christmas merchandise collection below!

Scoliosis Christmas Hoodie
All I want for Christmas is to be pain free hoodie

7. Motivational Gifts

Living with scoliosis can be hard and sometimes it can get you down, especially on a bad pain day.

On days like these I find affirmations and positive messages really help me. Things like this don’t work for everyone, but I’ve listed some motivational gift ideas (based on what I like) below.

I also really like the products from Spiffy and Nudge Jewellery.

8. Pamper Gifts

Related to the above, sometimes a pamper can do the world of good and a hot bath can help to ease back pain.

Pampering related gifts can be a good choice for people with scoliosis – candles, incense, face masks, bath bombs or relaxing bath salts for example.

Putting together a little hamper or care package (like the ones from TreatBox) can be a thoughtful gift option, especially if you know someone who is recovering from surgery.

Try Scoliboxes if you know someone who may be facing scoliosis surgery soon.

Another related gift idea is a bathtub cushion, which can make baths a lot more comfortable for those with scoliosis. Or even a bubble bath tub massager – I would love one of these!

9. Resistance Bands/Fitness Gifts

If you have scoliosis, it’s important to keep your core and body strong to support your back and help to reduce pain. My favourite exercises for this involve Pilates, using resistance bands or an exercise ball. Build & Breathe Scoliosis offer Pilates classes for people with scoliosis – perhaps purchasing some online Pilates classes, or access to their on-demand classes would make a great Christmas gift for someone with scoliosis.

Exercise related gifts are also a good option for those with scoliosis, some options are below:

10. Higgy Bear

Scoliosis Christmas Gift - Higgy Bear
Higgy Bear

If you are buying a gift for a child or loved one that has recently had scoliosis surgery, then you could consider a Higgy Bear. These cute, handmade bears make a thoughtful ‘get well’ gift for anyone who has had spinal fusion surgery.

These are just a few ideas of Christmas gift ideas for those with scoliosis. Is there anything missing? Let me know your own suggestions in the comments below 🙂

For some more ideas, check out my video on useful items for people with scoliosis below!

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Louise x

Photo by Ekaterina Shevchenko on Unsplash

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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for those wth scoliosis

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